The Program. It’s an experience of a lifetime!


So what will we be doing during the time at Spark?
Every activity at Spark is based around engineering, whether we are building bridges or walking over them. Throughout the week students will attend lectures, take part in hands on practicals, and socialise, similar to a University student.

Some of the most popular activities include the Story Bridge Climb, keynote speeches from prominent engineers, the disco, and the powering cities workshop in which teams of students were given the opportunity to put their skills to the test in constructing an electrical network for a suburb.



Eligibility. Who can apply?


Do you, or does someone you know need a ‘Spark’?

Are you from a community that doesn’t see many people go to university? Do you identify as part of a minority group? Are you passionate about learning but find the ‘traditional’ school environment challenging – or even boring? Maybe you have considered university and engineering before? .. or maybe not. If you would like to experience what engineering has to offer, then Spark is for you!

If you are currently:

  1. Attending High School in grades 10-12 or are in a tertiary preparatory program (or an equivalent senior schooling program); and
  2. Currently living in Australia (including the Torres Strait Islands)

Keep a lookout below for the application process to open for this life changing experience to find your Spark!

If you have any questions, contact us at



Student Applications are Now Open!


The Spark Engineering Camp will be held over the winter school holidays

Brisbane Camp: 9th July – 14th July
Melbourne Camp: 9th July – 14th July
Perth Camp: 9th July – 14th July


This year we will be hosting three camps in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth – that is almost triple the number of opportunities! There are two important steps that you need to complete to apply:

  1. Fill out the student application form:
  2. Find a nominator who can act as your referee:

Nominators can be your school teachers, sports coaches, mentors, and family members.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our National Students Coordinator Patrick for assistance.

Student Applications are Now Open!Click here to apply!